Pressure scan or Pressure step/stability

Pressure scan method

The Pressure Scan method is the technology we provide in our POROLUX™ 100 series. In this methodology we use a linear pressure increase over time. Data sampling of pressure and flow is performed continuously. This results in fast measurement with very reproducible data as is shown below, extremely suited for quality control.

Special algorithms were written for very porous materials, like non-wovens to counter their extreme behaviour like the very fast increase in gas flow at very low relative pressures. A complete overview of our POROLUX™ 100 series can be found in the instrument section.

Pressure Step/Stability Method

With the pressure step/stability method an inlet valve for the gas is a large needle valve which opens with very accurate and precise movements. To increase pressure, the valve opens to a precise point and then stops its movement. A datapoint is recorded when the used defined stability algorithms are met for both pressure and flow. In this way, the porometer detects the opening of a pore at a certain pressure and waits until all pores of the same diameter are completely opened before accepting a data point. This results in very accurate measurement of pore sizes and allows a calculation of the real pore size distribution from simple to very complex filters and membranes.

This method also allows the measurements of smaller pores, down to 13 nm, as higher pressures can be obtained using this methodology.

A complete overview of the POROLUX™ 1000 series can be found in the instrument section.