Newsletter July 2020


POROMETER is proud to announce the further expansion of the product portfolio in the Gas-Liquid Pressure Scan series. With POROLUX™ 200 joining the family, we are certain we have a porometer for your specific application!

The POROLUX™ 200 is the ideal porometer for customers with applications that need pore size analysis down to 91 nm, with very accurate measurements for the complete pressure range (0-7 bar) of the instrument. As for all POROLUX™ porometers, the POROLUX™ 200 can handle 200 L/min flow, with an automatic switch between the different pressure and flow sensors.

The POROLUX™ 200 comes with our in-house developed software, allowing the user to easily select the relevant parameters (or loading predefined settings), to follow the measurements on a computer screen, and extract the data in Excel, Word or pdf. As a recap, below summarizes the specifications of the POROLUX™ pressure scan & pressure step stability family:


The Pores & More newsletter is a great way to introduce our community to some of the Porometer users, and to put their research in the spotlight. Please meet the Polymeric Membrane Laboratory at A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences (TIPS RAS). Located in Moscow, they use our POROLIQ™1000ML.

The laboratory, headed by Deputy Director of TIPS RAS Alexey Volkov, consists of more than 40 employees, PhD and MS students. One of the main research areas is the development of both flat and hollow fiber asymmetric and composite type membranes, based on the novel and bulk polymers for different kinds of applications. These include gas separation, pervaporation, thermopervaporation, ultra- and nanofiltration of aqueous and organic mixtures, gas-liquid membrane contactors, membrane distillation and electrodialysis. The development of the membranes and the membrane-based processes starts with the selection of the membrane material, membrane coupon testing, followed by the pilot scale long-term study.

The Porometer POROLIQ™ 1000ML has expanded the expertise by allowing quick and accurate determination of the size of transport pores, from the nanometer range for tough UF membrane/porous support, up to micron level of MF and high flux porous support for novel gas separation membranes. More information can be found on the website of the institution.

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