Newsletter June 2022

Porometer software for easy and comprehensible measurements

At Porometer, we understand that no filter media is the same. Some have large pores, some small. Some are very permeable, some barely let air pass through. Some are thick, some are thin. Some are flat, some are hollow.

Our Porometer instruments are designed to handle a wide variety of samples, while our software makes it possible to choose the most optimal measurement settings for your specific sample. Did you know that our software allows you to choose between more than 25 different settings?

A glimpse of the possibilities

Comprehensible measurement results

After finishing the measurements, it is key that results are easy to interpret and compare.

That’s why you can build your own custom made report, and compare the results only of the measurements that you are interested in, all by one click of a button.

Curious to see how our Porometer instruments can make your porometry measurements easy and comprehensible?