Newsletter March 2020

We sincerely hope that you, your colleagues and your families are in good health. In these difficult times, where we are all concerned about staying healthy, we would like to contribute by sharing some interesting analysis data.


We have measured a complete surgical mask and FFP2 respirator, as well as the different layers the masks are composed of, with our POROLUX™ 100. We reported our findings in an application note, that you can read via this link or on the Porometer-website.

The scope of the application note is to explain how the pore size distribution of surgical masks and respirators can be measured using the ‘pressure scan’ method. We believe the obtained data can provide valuable information for both research & development and quality control.

We are all together in fighting a global health crisis, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you think we can help. We gladly make available our lab and knowledge of porometry.


We love to visit our customers, unfortunately this is not possible in the current situation. However, it’s not because we cannot travel, that we cannot help you. With many of you working remotely these days, we can maybe offer you an online demo?

If you wonder if a porometer is useful for your research or quality control, please get in touch with us! We have all porometry techniques in house, and can measure through pores down to 2 nm. Because we measure samples every day, we can truly recommend the best technique for your application.

When possible, please send us your samples, pick a time slot, and then we will show you live how we measure your samples. Alternatively, we can always use our reference samples for a demo. After the online demo we will have a discussion on the results and we will respond to any questions you might have about porometry and our instruments.

We remain as well available for all our customers to discuss results obtained on your porometer, help determine the optimal settings etc.