Newsletter March 2021

Happy birthday to you, POROLUX™ 100!

The POROLUX 100™ was launched in 2011 and was our first porometer based on the scan method. Reason enough to take a trip down memory lane:

After the successful launch of the POROLUX™ 1000 step stability instrument in 2007 (we will tell that story another time), we saw the need to have a porometer suitable for quality control work and/or to characterize samples with relatively larger pores. Main criteria were:

  1. Generating fast & reproducible results
  2. Being able to select the speed of pressure increase in a very intuitive way

The first working setup is pictured here in our manufacturing site in Berlin, and soon resulted in the first prototype.

Thanks to its unique features, the instrument soon became very popular in QC labs and research institutes researching amongst others nonwovens & textiles.

To offer solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers, we soon expanded the scan family to include a instrument especially designed to characterize nonwovens (with low pressure sensor and 200 l/min flow sensor), but as well an instrument that could detect pores as small as 13 nm, the POROLUX™ 500.

Because of the world wide interest in the (scan) porometer, we were lucky enough to travel to many places and meet very interesting and knowledgeable people. The first Porometer mousepad picture was for example taken during a free weekend prior to a PX500 installation in Botswana.

During those 10 years, we kept on adding features to the POROLUX™ line such as:
  • New software functionalities: built in intelligence for checking wet/dry curve, re-evaluation button, etc.
  • New accessories such as the 3-in-1 sample holder.
Today we have an entire family of scan systems, all with the same look & feel as you know them now:
Want to benefit from the latest features for your scan instrument? Don’t hesitate to reach out for a check up of your instrument and upgrade of the software.
Stay tuned, as the story continues…