Newsletter October 2020


We continue to expand our portfolio!

The POROLUX™ 50 is our newly developed first bubble point (FBP) tester, and is used to detect only the largest pores (FBP) in filtration and separation media. With a pressure going up to 5 bar (75 PSI), the instrument is able to detect pores down to 0.1 µm.
Ideal for applications where knowledge about only the largest pore is important, the POROLUX™ 50 offers quick and accurate results on
  • Measured first bubble point
  • Calculated first bubble point

Curious to see how the POROLUX™ 50 can serve your business? Contact us today for your demo and sample testing!


Mark your calendars: on the 27th of October we are organizing a new webinar, followed by a virtual demo from our application lab!

POROMETRY: insights into porometry and the art of measuring
in which we will cover the following topics:
  • When is porometry relevant for you?
  • Porometry principles and different porometry methods
  • Important parameters in porometry
  • What type of material generates which curves?

The webinar is relevant for everyone who wants to know more about porometry, but as well for anyone wanting to deepen their knowledge of porometry. Current Porometer users should join as well since the webinar covers the different parameters that should be taken into account during measurements.

Please join us on the 27th of October, at 9AM CET for Europe & Asia, or 5PM CET for the Americas. The webinar will take one hour, followed by a Q&A and 30 minutes virtual demo.
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We look forward to seeing you,
The Porometer team