Newsletter October 2021

Characterizing Pores in your Nonwoven Materials

Nonwovens are omnipresent in our daily lives, and unmissable in filtration applications. Think about air-conditioning, face masks, water purification, blood filtration, pharmaceutical filtrations, and many others.

Last week we participated in INDEX, the leading nonwovens event in Geneva, and we look back to a very successful exhibition! We highlighted our POROLUX™ scan series, the most suitable porometer for nonwoven characterization in quality control and research and development. You wonder why?

1. The POROLUX™ scan series can characterize any nonwoven with pores smaller than 500um. Even the more challenging materials, like teabags!

2. The POROLUX™ scan series generates very reproducible measurement results. For example for commercially available surgical and respirator masks, but also for the numerous nonwoven samples we have analyzed in our lab.

3. The POROLUX™ scan series is equipped with the latest technology and software features to make it your indispensable lab instrument for characterization and quality control of nonwoven materials.

Curious to see the results or find out about the pore sizes and reproducibility of your samples?

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