Our history

Our experience with porometers goes back to the Coulter porometer, developed in the late eighties. During many years our team has been selling and servicing many different models such as the Coulter I and II, the Xonics 3G and the Porometer 4 from Porvair, as well as the PMI porometers. For several years our team supported their customers in Europe and far beyond.

Based on many years of experience we have acquired a true understanding of porometers and their applications. Because we believed that most porometers had significant weaknesses, we joined forces with IB-FT – a German engineering company with a solid track record of engineering and manufacturing test equipment for the filter industry – to develop the POROLUX™, a range of instruments based on capillary flow porometry for testing membranes, filters, technical textiles, nonwovens, papers, hollow fibers and ceramics amongst other. Our POROLUX™ product range is widely used to measure maximum, mean and minimum pore size, pore size distribution and gas permeability with improved accuracy and reproducibility compared to other current equipment available in the market.