Newsletter April 2021

POROLUX 50 wins Product Of The Year 2020 Award!

At Filtcon 2021, the yearly conference of the American Filtration and Separation Society, our POROLUX™ 50 was awarded ‘Product of the Year 2020’! We are very proud and honoured by this recognition of our First Bubble Point Tester, another reason to celebrate for our ‘baby Porometer’.

Key advantages of the POROLUX™ 50:

  • The instrument determines the First Bubble Point in an automated way by using digital pressure and flow sensors. In this way, the subjective operator’s opinion as to when the first continuous stream of bubbles is detected, is eliminated.
  • Simplified operation and high reproducibility of the first bubble point measurements.
  • The POROLUX™ 50 provides results for both the calculated and measured bubble point.
  • This makes the POROLUX™ 50 a clear choice for quality control and/or R&D in many filtration and filtration media producing companies.

Want to know more?

  1. Join our webinar ‘POROLUX™ 50: First Bubble Point detection made easy’
    on the 18th of May at 9AM CET for Europe & Asia, and 5PM CET for the Americas. Click here to register already!
  2. Keep an eye on the product page on our website to download our application note (coming soon).
  3. Watch our video, or schedule a live demo via