Pressure Scan

The simple concept outlined in “Capillary Flow Porometry” requires careful, logical experimental implementation. Parameters such as speed, range, and non-equilibrium behavior must be considered. One successful method is the “Pressure Scan”. This method is employed by the POROLUX™ 100 and 500 series instruments. Fundamental to this method is a configurable but linear rate of pressure increase. Data (pressure and flow) collection and recording is continuous. The result is a fast measurement with reproducible data. The method is well suited for time-sensitive applications such as quality control.


Like all fast techniques, certain drawbacks can become apparent for particular applications, but using knowledge, prior experimentation and robust instrument design, these can be minimized or eliminated. Contact the Porometer team for a complete description of these effects, the consequences, and the solutions we have developed. Further, a complete overview of our POROLUX™ 100/POROLUX™ 500 series can be found in the instrument section.