Why choose POROMETER

POROMETER is the global market leader in pore size measurement by capillary flow porometry and fluid expulsion techniques. A bold claim backed by action, experience, and knowledge and, most importantly, customer loyalty which is second-to-none.

POROMETER has assembled the leading experts in characterisation by these techniques

Meet our team

At POROMETER we have experience going back to the 1980’s in pore size measurement by fluid flow methods (porometry, bubble point, and others). The team is a unique collection of experienced, accomplished scientists, engineers, chemists working in close unison.

At POROMETER we have a developed a unique, multinational, multidisciplinary team. The company’s open, highly collaborative structure allows rapid innovation, improvement, and perfection of methods and instruments – achieving in days what large, bureaucracy laden companies achieve in years! We are certain that you will enjoy and benefit from your every interaction with our company and it is our goal to provide instruments that match your application requirements, and to provide industry leading technical support and consultation. We believe in being a service to the industry we serve – furthering the understanding and accomplishments of our customers through technical consultation and education.

POROMETER has a wide global footprint to reach all customers, quickly and efficiently

POROMETER is truly a global company: company headquarters are in Belgium – situated nearby many of the World’s premier institutes and universities doing fundamental research and development in the very disciplines served by the company’s instruments. POROMETER’s engineering, manufacturing, and testing laboratories are in Germany. This structure allowed POROMETER to “bridge” the normally disconnected, but equally essential realms of basic understanding (science) and superior engineering. In simple words – this achieves best of class instrumentation, quality, reliability, and support, with flexibility, depth, and an ever forward looking team of leaders.

Beyond this POROMETER has technical specialists in in Belgium, UK, China and USA. There are affiliate offices handling sales, support, and service located in China and in the USA. Supporting customers in other regions, Porometer has developed a professional network of trained, dedicated distributors in Asia, Africa,  and Australia – each adhering to the core principles of POROMETER.  In simple words – all customers receive the same outstanding support and responsiveness, no matter where they are located!

POROMETER has a truly modern view of the need for rapid, effective support

Many companies in the industry have not “changed with the times” and still offer dated, often slow responses to technical, application, and service queries.  At POROMETER, we understand that you need and expect immediate responsiveness to questions, and immediate solutions to problems.

Time is money to you and it is to us as well. Consequently, we have structured our business to provide responses and resolution with the minimum delay. Our instruments all use the most modern communication protocols to facilitate advanced remote diagnostics and our technical specialist and engineers all carry the same mission – to be available, and to be responsive in the fastest, most effective way.

Quality and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business philosophies. Our quality and scientifically oriented customers expect this, and our every priority is oriented to deliver.

We return to the unique structure at POROMETER – we have successfully integrated the scientific and technical experts in this discipline, with an engineering team that accepts no compromises with respect to design details and reliability.  The result is a truly inspiring level of customer satisfaction.

This objective customer survey confirms – our quality, dependability, and user-friendliness lead our industry.

From machine screws to fine sensors – every component in each POROMETER instrument was carefully selected, tested, and then re-tested according to strict tolerances to ensure that our customers spend their valuable time generating meaningful results, not dealing with reliability problems and attempting to validate results!

POROMETER’s customers trust their instruments, trust the data generated by them, and use them – often across multiple laboratories – to study materials in a reliable, meaningful way.

In plain English – if you select POROMETER, you will not struggle to reproduce data, to understand results, or to compare results from different instruments, from different operators, on different devices. You will get stable, reliable, consistent, easy to understand results in the fastest, most economical way possible!

We listen to you

The unique POROMETER company structure again delivers real value to you, the customer. Our responsive, dynamic teams truly listen – we know that today’s breakthroughs also deliver tomorrow’s challenges, so we continually adapt, refine, and evolve along with our customers and the industry around us. We are committed to using our talents and successes to being an industry innovator!