Customer Testimonials

As a filtration product manufacturer, characterization of through-pore metrology is key to supporting our customers in their applications. Porometer has emerged as a key partner in supplying high-quality, reliable instrumentation with an ease of use that permits us to focus on the critical questions associated with our business. The support from technical, financial, and scientific perspectives that Porometer has brought to the table expands our capabilities significantly. We look forward to their continued product developments and offerings which provide new characterization tools in membrane sciences.

Curtis Guild, PhD Lead Analytical Scientist Upstream Bioprocess R&D, Cytiva

We are very satisfied with our POROLUX™ 1000 and the support offered by the Porometer team. Even after the installation, they remain available with their expertise and we can always reach out for feedback and questions on our measurements.

Ayesha Ilyas, PhD researcher, KU Leuven,cMACS

We are extremely satisfied with the POROLUX™ 200, that gave us the possibility to check and adjust the process parameters to reach the high quality of our products.

Farè S.p.A

We selected Porometer because we produce hydraulic oil filters for very sensitive systems, and we must know exactly our raw materials specification. It's very easy/fast and reliable to control the media with the POROLUX™100 and also its reports are very detailed and understandable

Hasan Karakas, Tempo Filtre