Our Technology: POROLUX™

Based on many years of experience in capillary flow porometry we have developed POROLUX™, a range of instruments for testing membranes, filters, nonwovens, papers, hollow fibres and ceramics, amongst other. They are widely used to measure pore size distribution and gas permeability with improved accuracy and reproducibility compared to other porometers in the market.

POROLUX™ 100 - 200 - 500 SERIES
Control of the pressure increaseWith a single valve, which is continuously being opened during the measurementWith a cascaded pressure control set up, using a specially designed needle valve
Stability algorithmsNoYes, for pressure and gas flow
MeasurementsImmediate, continuous measurement of both pressure and gas flow.

The pressure increases at a constant rate, which can be selected by the user.
A data point is only recorded when the stability algorithms (defined by the user) are met for both pressure and flow.

The porometer detects when a pore empties at a certain pressure and waits until all pores of the same diameter have been completely emptied before accepting a data point.
AdvantagesVery suited for quality control workThe most suitable for research and development work. Essential for samples with complex pore structures
DisadvantagePressure regulation is sometimes not linear over the entire pressure range (high P).Slower measurements
Key wordsSpeed and reproducibilityPrecision and accuracy