Liquid permeability tester (LPT400)

The Liquid Permeability Tester (LPT 400) is designed to determine the liquid permeability and the Silt Density Index (SDI) in technical materials in a pressure range between 50 mbars and 4 bars.

A fully automatic program runs the selected test. The liquid is collected in a receptacle and the weight recorded by a balance is automatically transferred to the operating software, which calculates the liquid permeability.


  • Liquid permeability
  • Possibility to perform single or up to 3 measurements simultaneously (at one constant pressure level or on varying pressure levels).
  • Duration of each cycle: up to 10 min.
  • Real time permeability vs time graphic display
  • Permeability results are displayed in Darcy and in l/(m2*h*bar)


SDI measures the percent drop per minute in the flow rate of water through a filter, averaged over a period of time.

  • In each cycle, the system measures the time required for 500 ml of fluid to pass through the sample, following by sample flushing step for 15 min before starting the next cycle.
  • Possibility to carry out up to 12 repeated cycles.

Operating pressure50 mbar - 4 bar
Liquid tank10-27 liter, made of stainless steel
Membrane test cellRound samples of 25mm diameter, maximum 10 mm thickness
Square samples of 50*50 mm, maximum 10 mm thickness
Made of stainless steel
Flow / balance range:0.05-8.2 kg. In process approx. 0-6 l/min real flow
Dimensions and weightL*W*H: 630*470*1,680 mm, weight: ca. 70 kg

− Custom-made samples holders available upon request,
please contact us.
− Includes a balance automatically connected to the operating PC