The POROPERM™ is a permporometer for the measurements of through pores sizes in the range between 1.5 nm and 50 nm at low pressures. It is based on the controlled stepwise evaporation of the liquid blocking the pores (condensable gas) and the simultaneous measurement of the flow rate of an inert gas through the sample, at a constant temperature.


Standard pressure range

  • Pressure supply required 0-2 bar (29 psi)
  • Actual measurements in the pressure range 0- 100 mbar (1.45 psi)

Membrane cell

The POROPERM™ 1000 comes with a flat sheet membrane cell (total area 4 cm2). Large and special sample holders are available on demand.


  • All flow meters and pressure sensors are digital and are temperature compensated.
  • 3 mass flow controllers (MFC): feed, permeate and crossflow.
  • Oven: control and readout via software. Maximum temperature 70ºC continuous during measurements (oven operational up to 100ºC).


Advanced service menu facilitates diagnosis and service via Internet.

  1. Mean pore size (defined at 50 % of the cumulative flow).
  2. Cumulative flow of the non-condensable gas (J acc)
  3. flow pore size distribution: first derivative dJ/Dr vs size (r)