Contract testing

In addition to the sale, rent, and lease of instruments, POROMETER also offers a full testing laboratory – samples can be submitted in all quantities from 1 to hundreds, and a fee paid in exchange for professional analysis and results in a detailed report.

The POROMETER analytical services laboratory is fully-equipped with a complete line of porometers to carry out sample analyses on a paid basis, and even handles live demonstrations on request. One of our measurement experts will carry out the requested tests – taking careful note of all desired parameters and using method development techniques for “unknown” or challenging samples. The hands-on analysis team at POROMETER has vast experience in testing a dazzling array of sample types – from polymeric membranes, to fabrics to nonwovens, paper, ceramic disks, filter media and rocks, and countless others!

Of course, in exchange for the fees you receive a full report describing the background of the method used, the techniques followed, and of course including raw data and calculated results. The POROMETER software packages all boast XML, Excel, and many other convenient output formats for easy processing and handling. Any special observations, challenges, or general behaviours of the materials will be noted and presented.

Representative tests offered (for flat sheet, tubular and hollow fibre samples):

  • Gas Liquid Porometry
  • First Bubble Point
  • Liquid Liquid Porometry
  • Gas permeability
  • Liquid permeability
  • Image analysis (SEM)
  • Others on request

Do not hesitate to contact us to have your samples measured!